RICSAR  To Serve so that others may live.
* Team Jax *
* Team Ryder *

Ryder is a male Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever  (Toller)
born in February 2012.   He packs  a lot of directed drive and love for
search in his small stature.  Ryder is certified in  IPWDA and RISP
Wilderness Search and is also a certified Therapy Dog and is AKC  CGC.
He is also an IPWDA certified  Crime Scene and Water Cadaver  asset.  
He will be  certifying in  Tracking in 2018/2019.

Ryder’s has agility talent to the hilt and is great to work with in  high
angle rope work and rappel rescue
training. Given a choice, Ryder would make water his second home.