RICSAR  To Serve so that others may live.
* Team Jax *
* Team Ryder *

Ryder is a male Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever  (Toller) born in February 2012.   
He packs  a lot of directed drive and love for search in his small stature.  Ryder is
certified in  IPWDA and RISP Wilderness Search and is also a certified Therapy Dog
and is AKC CGC. He is also an IPWDA certified Crime Scene, Urban Disaster and
Water Cadaver
asset.  He will be recertifying in Tracking and Article in 2020.

Ryder’s has agility talent to the hilt and is great to work with in  high angle rope
work and rappel rescue training. Given a choice, Ryder would make water his
second home.