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Foxy / Patrick Fitzgerald:

Team Foxy
Foxy was born 9/2012. She is a female Malinois/Dutch Shepherd mix.  
Both of these shepherding breeds have a long history as capable
working and search and rescue dogs.  She is currently certified in
wilderness search and rescue and Cadaver.  Foxy has extremely high
drive, energy, and a very playful spirit which serves her well as she
progresses toward additional certifications.  Pat Fitzgerald is her handler
/owner.  Pat is a Master Auto Technician and has a degree in Emergency
Management.  He is also a member of the Providence Emergency
Management Agency and is a CERT instructor.  Pat’s mechanical
aptitude and knowledge of vessels makes him the perfect Captain for
RICSAR water recovery trainings on the team’s recovery SAR vessel.  

Wilderness Certified
Land Cadaver Certified