* Team Finn *
RICSAR  To Serve so that others may live.
Finn is owned/handled by Jennifer Anderson. Born in 2017, he is certified in RISP
and IPWDA  Live Find Wilderness
, Cadaver, Crime Scene and Light Urban Disaster.
Finn has also received training in Water Cadaver, Tracking and Article Detection
and will be c
ertifying in 2020 in those disciplines.

He lives up to his nickname Fearless Finn and  has not met a  rubble pile,  water
body, or wildness area he doesn’t  conquest.  He is also learning the ropes from
his  teammate and housemate  K9 Ryder. He has penchant for making friends with
everyone  - four or two legged that he meets but when his search “switch” is
turned on – he is all business.