* Team Asa *
RICSAR  To Serve so that others may live.

Asa is a male  Flat Coated Retriever born in 2006 .  Asa is a high drive
pup with  great working stamina. He is on the RI USAR team and is a
certified SUSAR Type II Cadaver K-9, and IPWDA Disaster Recovery.  He
is NAPWDA certified Wilderness Search and is also trained in Water
Recovery and Article Find.  Asa is AKC CGC certified and Level 1
Forensics tested.  He and his handler Jen Anderson have participated
in  searches throughout New England and in New York and Canada.
Jen is a Facility  Director  for a multi site  manufacturer, a volunteer
associate firefighter (HazMat) and K-9 trainer and an AKC CGC  
Evaluator and Star Puppy test agent. She  is an IPWDA  instructor and  a
Training Officer  on the RICSAR team.  She has  worked as a Veterinary
Technician  and  Red Cross Instructor and Shelter Manager and has
been involved in  First Response and Disaster  Management for over 30

Wilderness & Water Certified