Our combined experience and training includes:

Wilderness Search and Rescue

Cadaver Search and Recovery

Urban Search and Rescue/Recovery

Water Rescue and Recovery

Scent Theory

Land Navigation

Canine behavior theory

Canine obedience proficiency

Canine first aid and CPR

Child/Adult first aid, CPR and AED

Wilderness First Aid and Remote Recovery

Canine assistive therapy and service

Crime scene protocol

Helicopter operations
RICSAR  To Serve so that others may live.
Who We Are / What We Do:

Founded in 2004 by Jim Rawley, RICSAR has evolved into a respected, responsive, and
professional canine SAR team.   Our members are a diverse group of SAR professionals
who each bring experience and knowledge to all team trainings and deployments.  We
are an all volunteer group, and are dedicated to saving lives and providing closure for
families who’s loved ones have been missing, for whatever reason.  RICSAR became a
registered not-for-profit 501© organization in 2011.

Our collective experience enables RICSAR to provide Wilderness Search and Rescue,
URBAN Search and Rescue in the event of a natural or man-made disaster, water
rescue/recovery and cadaver search and recovery.  We also function as an education
asset to the community.  Most of our members have participated in multiple wilderness
searches.  Some of our members have been utilized for natural disasters (like Hurricane
Katrina).   We have all been involved with community outreach to help the public
understand how to be safe in the wilderness.  

We work closely with law enforcement, primarily the RI State police, who dispatch us as
the need arises.  Effective searches for missing people require a systematic and multi-
disciplinary approach, and therefore, we are only mobilized when called upon by the RI
State Police or other qualified agency.   We can not respond to searches for missing
people from individuals.  We do not participate in searches for missing pets. We
primarily serve Rhode Island, but are available throughout New England, and even
beyond, if called upon.